The Thoroughgood House in Virginia Beach VA

The Thoroughgood House

The Thoroughgood House in Virginia Beach: A Look into the History and Architecture

The Thoroughgood House in Virginia Beach is a landmark historic home that has been a part of the community for over 300 years. Built-in 1719 by Adam Thoroughgood, a wealthy Englishman, the house has served as a private residence, a schoolhouse, and a museum. This article will delve into the history and architecture of the Thoroughgood House, exploring its significance and unique features.

History of the Thoroughgood House

Adam Thoroughgood and His Legacy

Adam Thoroughgood was an English colonist who arrived in Virginia in 1622. He quickly became a prominent community member, acquiring large tracts of land and serving in the colonial government. Thoroughgood was also known for his philanthropy, establishing a free school for children in the area.

Construction and Evolution of the House

The Thoroughgood House was constructed in 1719 as a brick home for Adam's grandson, John. The house originally featured a central hall with two rooms on either side and a kitchen and cellar. Over time, the house underwent several renovations and additions, including adding a second story and constructing a separate kitchen building.

The Thoroughgood House as a Museum

In the 1950s, the city of Virginia Beach acquired the Thoroughgood House and opened it as a museum. Today, visitors can tour the Thoroughgood Hosue and learn about its history and significance.

The architecture of the Thoroughgood House

Unique Features of the House

The Thoroughgood House is a fine example of Colonial American architecture, featuring elements of both Georgian and Jacobean styles. Some of the house's unique features include its Flemish bond brickwork, its steeply-pitched roof, and its central hall plan.

Interior Design

The interior of the Thoroughgood House has been restored to reflect its 18th-century appearance. Visitors can see original woodwork, such as the hand-carved stair railing, as well as period furnishings and decorations.

Importance of the Thoroughgood House

Cultural Significance

The Thoroughgood House is valuable to Virginia Beach's history and culture. It serves as a reminder of the area's colonial past and the contributions of early settlers like Adam Thoroughgood.

Architectural Significance

The Thoroughgood House is also significant from an architectural standpoint. Its unique design and construction techniques provide insight into the development of Colonial American architecture.


The Thoroughgood House in Virginia Beach is a fascinating piece of history and architecture that has withstood the test of time. From its construction in 1719 to its role as a museum today, the house has played an essential role in the community for over 300 years. Its unique features, and cultural and architectural significance make it a must-see for visitors to the area.

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